Bamboolik DUO overpants one size


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For all environmentally conscious fabric wrappers - Bamboolik overpants made from recycled materials!

The Bamboolik DUO cover pants not only fit with the Bamboolik DUO inserts, but also perfectly over panty diapers or straight absorbent pads .

Thanks to the fleece-lined leg cuffs, the overpants leave no marks and are very soft. Double leg cuffs make the Bamboolik DUO leak-proof and ensure an optimal fit. The back cuff also provides leak protection!

The Bamboolik DUO overpants are breathable and the PUL is very soft. It fits your baby from around 4kg and usually grows with you until the end of the changing period.


  • 100% PUL polyester with polyurethane


  • One size 4 - 15kg


  • at 60°