Carrying babies

Ergonomic baby carriers for you and your baby!

Selected baby carriers that can be ideally adapted to your baby, cuddly baby wraps and practical ring slings.

All products come from certified, sustainable and pollutant-free production - good for the environment, good for your baby.

All parents carry their babies - this is easier with a
Sling or baby carrier!

That's why you'll find selected babywearing products in my shop that you can use from birth - they all enable ergonomic babywearing for you and your baby!

The natural squat-spread position, a rounded back and the necessary support in the neck area are very important selection criteria when it comes to the right baby carrier.

My range has the right thing for everyone - whether it's a full buckle comfort carrier or a half buckle carrier. Whether it's a wrap or a ring sling for short distances.

Do you need individual advice?

Does your baby have hip problems or other physical problems? Are you suffering from back pain, neck pain or other problems? Then please contact us using the contact form !

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