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Engel Natur - producer of fashion made from wool and wool-silk as well as cotton in Germany

The Engel Natur family business has been around for 85 years . Underwear and clothing for babies and children , underwear and outerwear for adults as well as clothing for premature babies are developed and produced.

In addition to organic cotton, Merino virgin wool from controlled organic animal husbandry and (kbA) Merino virgin wool are processed with silk in clothing. The dyes used are free from substances and colors that are harmful to health and bond particularly stably with the fibers . No chemical processing is used.

The fasteners used , such as snap fasteners and zippers, are nickel-free and made from natural, renewable raw materials. The clothing is also light-fast, saliva-proof, sweat-proof, wash-fast and guarantees no shrinkage with the correct washing routine.

Waste is avoided wherever possible - not just in our own company, but in all areas of production. Engel Natur is also committed to fair and safe jobs and fair pay . In addition, electricity is obtained from renewable sources.

Engel Natur clothing is manufactured and developed in Germany . This protects the environment and ensures social, fair and environmentally friendly production. Most products also have the GOTS certificate .