Ulrich Of course

Ulrich of course - ecological household products made in Germany

Ulrich has been a certified, ecological detergent and cleaning agent manufacturer for 30 years. Ingredients based on renewable raw materials and, if possible, from organic farming. The sustainability of the products is of course a top priority for Ulrich! That's why they are extremely economical to use.

Low-plastic or plastic-free packaging, which consists of 100% recycled waste, as well as glass provide plastic-free alternatives.

The products are certified by ECO-Control according to the Nesten Nature Care Products Standard. Of course, Ulrich also carries the vegan certificate The Vegan Society, the eco-power certificate from LichtBlick SE and ISO 9001:2015 , which achieves sustainable and continuous improvement in the quality of a company's products, processes and services.

Some products are also produced in workshops for the disabled and a rehabilitation facility for mentally ill people . This ensures that these people find their way back into professional life and are assigned a task that they can master excellently! Ulrich naturally strives to provide sustainable and meaningful support to people with disabilities.

Ulrich Natürlich
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Ulrich Natürlich
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Ulrich Natürlich
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