Bamboolik - Czech cloth diaper manufacturer with a great sense of social and sustainable responsibility

Bamboolik has been around since 2012 - from what was then a small company with only a few employees, the brand has now become a large company that is very strongly committed to social responsibility.

Awarded multiple times as the “ best socially responsible medium-sized company in the Czech Republic ” and there are good reasons for that!

Environmental protection and the creation of jobs in the Czech Republic are the focus of Bamboolik. Approximately 40% of production is carried out in workshops for disabled people .

All production facilities are in close proximity to Bamboolik - so direct contact can be ensured.

Bamboolik's range includes:

  • Cloth diapers
  • Cloth diaper accessories
  • Nursing pads
  • Sanitary pads and panty liners

But not only sustainable products are produced - great attention is also paid to which products are used and, above all, can be reused or reused . For example, cardboard boxes are reused, packaging - if it is used at all - is made of corn starch and all materials are produced in the Czech Republic or at least in the EU .

Bamboolik supports its predominantly female employees with flexible working hours, part-time work and home office . There is also a children's room at the company headquarters if it ever becomes necessary to take the child with you.

Bamboolik also contributes to the child care costs for all of our colleagues' children who are of preschool age.