Washing campaign

Washing campaign - detergent manufacturer from Germany

With the detergent from the washing campaign you have the ideal detergent for cloth diapers and everyday laundry! Thanks to the ability to adjust the detergent to the hardness of the water, you can save up to 70% on surfactants! This is absolutely resource-saving and ecological.

The formula does not contain palm oil, fragrances, fillers, preservatives, bleaches or optical brighteners or phosphonates !

The washing campaign detergent in the box is a colored detergent. By adding oxygen bleach (also known as stain remover) you get a heavy-duty detergent for white laundry or for hygienic cleaning, for example cloth diapers.

The Washing Campaign detergent is an ecological, sustainable detergent that exactly matches the hardness of your water and only contains what you really need. Also ideal for allergy sufferers or people prone to neurodermatitis .

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