Cloth diaper rental

you really want to try out whether cloth diapers are for you? Then I can recommend the cloth diaper rental package to you! You will find many different systems, brands that can be used for diaper vouchers and everything you need for full-time diaper changing in the test package!

You can rent the cloth diaper test package for as little as 2 weeks. It includes everything you need: all three systems (All in One, All in Two, All in Three), a wide variety of absorbent pads made from different materials and of course accessories such as wetbags and detergent.

Choose between Newborn or Onesize and find the right diapers for you!
Your baby isn't born yet, but you would like to reserve a newborn cloth diaper package? Get in touch with me using the contact form or the chat function!

When you purchase a test package, advice and the deposit are included!

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From €159,90
Liebevoll gebunden
From €149,90