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The Onesze cloth diaper test package contains everything you need to get started with cloth diapers! Different systems, materials and all the accessories you need for fabric wrapping.

Why cloth diapers?

Cloth diapers are the most natural way to change your baby! Natural materials on the skin and a cooler diaper climate than in conventional disposable diapers. This prevents skin irritations on baby's delicate skin and ensures an all-round feeling of well-being.

The one-size size fits your baby from approx. 5 to 16kg . It's also worth starting later - with cloth diapers you'll save up to €1,200 over the entire diaper changing time. You can also save these diapers for other siblings or sell them on.

What is included in the cloth diaper rental package?

  • All-in-one and pocket diapers, especially practical for on the go
  • Overpants made of PUL (also wool for an additional charge)
  • Absorbent materials made from different materials and in different designs (straight inserts, muslin diapers, prefolds, pant diapers)
  • Panty diapers for nighttime
  • 3in1 system

Velcro fasteners, press studs, single or double leg cuffs on the overpants - you can put all of this through its paces and try it out.

Which cloth diaper brands are included in the cloth diaper rental package?

  • Flowers
  • Bamboolik
  • TotsBots
  • Diaper magic land
  • Popolini
  • Doodush
  • Culla di Teby
  • Petit Lulu
Note: there is one in the prices for the cloth diaper test packages
In-depth advice (duration approx. 1 hour) included - this takes place either in person, by telephone or via video call!
This ensures safety and that you are not completely taken by surprise in front of a package of cloth diapers.
A deposit of €80 is required for the cloth diaper package.
Of course you will get this back when the diapers are in
returned in perfect condition.
(The deposit is already included in the purchase price!)
You will also receive a rental agreement, which you must sign and send back to me (this can also be digitally signed).

If you have any minor questions during the test phase, I will of course help you (free of charge)!

Breakdown of the total price

Rental costs

Consulting costs:

  • € 49,- (1 hour)


  • € 80,-