About Us

My name is Maria and I took over this online shop from my colleague, Tatjana Kirchweger, in January 2023.

I am a mother of 2 girls and have been offering advice and courses on everything to do with babies since 2017 (Maria Vikydal baby cradle). Because of my basic job as a pediatric nurse, it has always been important to me to provide families with the best possible support during pregnancy and the first time with the baby.

It is important to me that families have easy access to good, qualified advice and sustainable, environmentally friendly products.

Because it doesn't matter WHERE we buy our products, HOW they were manufactured and what materials were used for them.

Because we should have the common goal of being able to let go of old beliefs, because every child is supported, every child needs their caregivers and every child has the right to be able to grow up lovingly.

With my offer I can make my contribution!

  • Day counselor
(Training at “the carrying school Austria and Switzerland)
  • Cloth diaper consultant
(Training “Association WIWA”)
  • Certified baby massage course instructor
(Training “QEKK.de”)
    • Formula-fed infant specialist
    (Training “QEKK.de”)
    • Qualified parent-child course leader
    (Training “QEKK.de”)
    • Specialist in baby-friendly complementary foods
    (Training “QEKK.de”)

    All products that you find in my shop are manufactured under fair, social and ecological conditions. The people who produced your product were paid fairly, had a well-deserved break at work and access to health benefits.

    Nature is protected as much as possible because organic ingredients and gentle colors mean that no harmful chemicals are released into the environment.

    Domestic, European entrepreneurs are strengthened. We need our entrepreneurs from Austria and the EU.