Petit Lulu

Petit Lulu - manufacturer of cloth diapers and more from the Czech Republic

Petit Lulu was founded on December 3, 2013 - by Lucie Hladíková. When her son was born in 2012, she simply sewed the cloth diaper kit herself ! Back then, the selection of cloth diapers was unfortunately very rare. Since the first diapers were absolutely convincing, she sold them on a Czech creative platform. Within a very short time, interest in cloth diapers became so great that the company Petit Lulu was founded.

The online shop, marketing material and logo were designed and created by Lucie's husband - Lukáš - and the first employee was hired at this time. The first workshop was built in 2014 in a specially purchased building with two seamstresses.

In 2015, Petit Lulu already has 12 employees and is expanding its market into the EU and the cloth diapers are now also available in other European countries.

When the second son was born in 2016 , Petit Lulu had already moved to a larger workshop . There is now a dedicated online shop for retailers and almost 20 employees are employed, including 12 seamstresses.

Around 35 people currently work for Petit Lulu in permanent positions . The brand now has modern machinery and is one of the largest manufacturers of cloth diapers and other products not only in Europe but worldwide.

All products are made in the Czech Republic - there is no waste whatsoever during production; panty liners, sanitary napkins and make-up remover pads are made from offcuts . If there is something left over, these textiles are used in child seats or car seats .

Petit Lulu employs mothers during parental leave to support them financially, as well as people with particularly severe disabilities . Our own workshop enables the best possible collaboration with all interfaces in the company. The bamboo organic cotton terry without polyester is made specifically for Petit Lulu in the Czech Republic . The material impresses with its absolutely high absorbency, which can really absorb a lot of liquid.

Petit Lulu
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