Petit Lulu Classic Overpants (without tabs)

Petit Lulu

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The Petit Lulu overpants are an absolute classic and there are reasons for that: the soft fleece leg cuffs prevent marks and serve as additional leak protection . The waterproof PUL material ensures that the overpants are breathable , but no moisture escapes to the outside. There are also two layers of PUL in the overpants - so they are really tight! Since fleece does not transfer moisture, no liquid can escape from the cuffs .

Use either panty diapers, muslin diapers, prefolds, straight absorbent pads or the corresponding absorbent pads from Petit Lulu to snap into the Petit Lulu overpants.

The thin Petit Lulu absorbent pads are ideal for all babies who pee a lot and need high absorbency .

Note: these Petit Lulu Classic overpants have no tabs!

Newborn overpants: these fit from 2kg and can therefore be used right from the start. You can use these up to approx. 6kg.

One size overpants: thanks to the snap fasteners on the front, the one size size grows from approx. 4kg to 16kg.

You can choose between Velcro and snap fasteners!

By the way, the PUL used is recycled - for even more sustainability!


  • 100% PUL recycled


  • Newborn: 2kg to 6kg
  • One Size: 4kg to 16kg


  • 60°C

Made in Czech Republic.