Lennylamb - manufacturer of baby carriers and slings from Poland

Lennylamb is run by two families - two parents to be precise. The story of Lennylamb begins in 2007. The first child of the "Lennylamb family" was born to Joanna Bogdan - Franciszek. However, she disdained the stroller on her first outing and the walk became a nightmare. A friend suggested: try a sling !

The first sling was simply a piece of fabric from my mother's closet . It changed Joanna's life. After a long search, she was finally able to buy a “real” baby sling.

It doesn't take long before Joanna wants to make her own sling - but she can't find anyone in Poland who wants to make it for her. So she sat down and sewed it herself . She sits down with her husband, her sister-in-law and her brother-in-law and designs the first prototypes .

There are many obstacles in the way: first, the factory's rental agreement is terminated, the fabrics are still not fully developed and months of waiting for the samples don't make the situation easy. But the four of them pull themselves together and the first weaving mill is born.

Lennylamb has now grown into a globally known brand . Carrying aids and slings are produced in all kinds of materials, different weights and sizes . The products are not only a visual eye-catcher but also functional and demonstrate high quality .