Totsbots - Cloth diaper manufacturer from the UK

Over 20 years ago , shortly after the birth of Fiona and Magnus Smyth's second child, the couple developed their first cloth diaper prototype . After their first child was diapered with disposable diapers, they wanted a more sustainable option for their second baby.

50 meters of terry cloth were purchased and the first Totsbots diapers were created at the kitchen table. A logo was designed, the first designs were created with pencil and paper, but no suitable supplier was found to print the fabrics. So the diapers stayed white. After the brand launch, the world's first bamboo diaper was released in 2004. This even won gold at the Mother & Baby Awards - another 10 gold awards followed.

In 2008 the EasyFit All in One diaper came onto the market - with the very first printed design! So Totsbots received more and more beautiful and colorful patterns. When the PeeNut system was developed in 2015 , in which the insert is buttoned into the moisture protection trousers , cloth swaddling became even cheaper for parents.

In 2019, Totsbots joined forces with Frugi - a sustainable and fairly produced organic children's fashion label.

All Totsbots nappies are produced in Great Britain with low CO2 emissions and in a fair, social and ecological way. Among other things , recycled plastic is used for the PUL used in the overpants and all-in-ones.

Totsbots has also been Oeko-Tex certified since 2011. This guarantees that the diapers are free of harmful chemicals. To date, Totsbots is the only diaper company to have certified the entire product chain and not just part of it.

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