The Austrian diaper voucher

Do you already know the Austrian diaper voucher?

This makes cloth wrapping even more fun!

It has long been known that cloth diapers are more cost-effective. With the Austrian diaper voucher you can now save even more!

How it works?

  • Pick up your diaper voucher from your municipality of residence!
    In Vienna you can get it at the parent-child centers.
  • Take your mother-child pass with you when you pick it up.
  • Depending on the purchase value, save either €50, €100 or even more on your cloth diaper purchase!
  • As a registered partner retailer, you can redeem your diaper voucher in my shop.
  • You shop as usual, pay for your purchase (without discount!) and, after sending me your diaper voucher, you will receive the voucher value back via bank transfer as soon as the voucher has been settled with the WIWA association.

What can I buy with the diaper voucher?

Of course: cloth diapers. But also accessories such as wetbag, lanolin, diaper fleece, swimming diapers.

Attention: Detergent cannot be billed with the diaper voucher!

Which brands are included in the diaper voucher?

  • Flowers
  • Sumo
  • Popolini
  • Bamboolik
  • Doodush
  • Lumina
  • Bambino mio

There are also Culla di Teby and Finiwinis, which I don't carry in the shop.

Of course, you can also order other products - just make sure that you reach the desired purchase value for the diaper voucher. I enter the billing manually, so this is of course not a problem.

I don't get a diaper voucher from my community - now what?

  • Unfortunately, not all Austrian municipalities issue diaper vouchers yet.
  • Nevertheless, ask the municipality for one-off financial support - after all, you are saving the municipality a ton of waste that is difficult to landfill

You will receive one diaper voucher per child - so if you have already changed your first child with cloth diapers and you only want to buy new small items, you can redeem the small diaper voucher for your second child.

So you see - it pays off to use cloth diapers!

If you have any questions about the Austrian diaper voucher, please contact us using the contact form !

Environmentally friendly

Cloth diaper diaper baby cloth wrapping newborn shooting

A baby needs around 5,000 disposable diapers - around 1.5 tonnes of residual waste that is difficult to landfill - for the entire changing time. If the diaper waste wasn't burned in the landfill, it would take 500 years to rot!

The proportion of diaper waste is now around 10% of all residual waste in Austria and Germany.

With cloth diapers you can diaper several children for a very long time . Only the overpants probably need to be replaced for the second baby - although the absorbent materials can be used for some babies if they have always been washed properly!

For the health

Cloth diaper baby changing diapers newborn

Petroleum oils, paraffins, lotions, fragrances, superabsorbents: all of this is usually found in disposable diapers!

With cloth diapers you have natural materials on baby's skin - because inserts made of cotton, bamboo, hemp, linen... are beneficial and harmless to the skin.

BECAUSE: all the manufacturers you find in my shop are not only ÖKO-TEX tested , but many also only use materials from organic production.

Another advantage of cloth diapers: the urine cools down on the insert and thus cools the skin - less rash, irritation or fungus. This means that cloth diapers are always 2°-3° cooler than disposable diapers !

Cost saving

Baby feet changing cloth diapers diaper newborn

Simply save up to €1,200 with cloth diapers - yes, it works! And saves the family budget!

Even if we take into account the costs of washing (i.e. energy, water and detergent), you still save a lot of money. If you then change another child with these diapers, you will have saved twice!

If you sell the diapers after the diaper changing period , you will get even lower overall costs. So you see: Cloth wrapping pays off, is cheap and is fun!