Absorbent pads

Absorbent pads made from a variety of materials for different needs - here you'll find everything you need for cloth wrapping! From muslin diapers, prefolds to straight absorbent pads and boosters.

Discover a wide variety of materials and their properties - find the right absorbent pad for your baby! Especially for newborns, I always recommend something to wrap around your baby. For example a muslin diaper or prefold, but also thin pant diapers. You can fold in a booster to get more suction power!

For larger babies, you can use straight absorbent pads or muslin diapers and prefolds, which are folded into a straight pad. Simply place it in your overpants - with a nappy fleece for those of complementary feeding age - and you now have the finished nappy!

With the so-called 2 in 1 system, only the absorbent pads are changed - the overpants can be used several times. I recommend two pairs of overpants per day - this way one can air out while the other is in use.