Diaper Magic Land Lebiba Booster Set of 3


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Two layers of linen-organic-cotton-bamboo mix make the Lebiba Booster from Diaper Magicland the perfect absorbent booster ! No matter whether in overpants or pocket diapers during the day, with this booster there will be no more leaks.

Linen is breathable, temperature-regulating and moisture-regulating - and therefore always perfect, whether summer or winter! Linen also has an anti-fungal effect and repels dirt excellently.

The thin Diaper Magic Land Lebiba Booster is perfect for anyone who values ​​a slim but absorbent diaper package . It's best to combine the Lebiba Booster with the Lebiba absorbent pad from Diaper Zauberland - this way you get an incredibly small, slim and super absorbent diaper package.

Ideally, the booster is placed in the main wet zone - in the front for boys and in the middle for girls. The Lebiba boosters dry faster than other boosters - but you can also put them in the dryer!


  • 30% linen
  • 45% bamboo viscose
  • 25% organic cotton


  • 10x20cm


  • at 60°

Made in Germany.