Minimonkey - carrying products manufacturer from the Netherlands

Minimonkey was founded in 2007 in the Netherlands and is based in Amsterdam. Since then, we have been working on innovative baby products - Minimonkey now has sales partners in over 35 countries.

The idea behind Minimonkey's products? To make everyday life easier for parents! In a small, handy format and easy to use. The Minimonkey MiniSling is definitely one of the classics - a sling that is just 10cm in size and can be stored in the integrated pocket and can fit in every backpack and diaper bag.

The owner Margot still runs the company alone today - contact with end consumers via social media is very important to her and communication with sales partners is also something that is essential for Margot.

Minimonkey's products include the Minimonkey MiniSling, the Minimonkey Twin Carrier and the Mini Chair.

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