little frog

Kleiner Frosch is a one-woman company from Garsten in Upper Austria.

This is what founder Ursula Blasch says about her brand:

What's there to say about me?

I started sewing a long time ago, when my children were born. For many years I rarely sat down in front of the sewing machine, partly due to time constraints. My grandson was born 4 years ago and that was reason enough for me to pursue my hobby again. In addition to my teaching job, I decided to found my label “Little Frosch” two years ago.

Well, I didn't know the name yet, I was just registering my small business. Then it was time to find a name. Since I affectionately referred to my grandson as “little frog,” the name was soon born.

What am I sewing?

You will find a lot of things to do with babies and toddlers, and if you ask, you can also find clothing and accessories for older children.

In the “lovingly bound shop” you will only find a small selection.

Depending on how great the demand is, there will be more.

You can also contact me at any time via Facebook ( or Instagram (

You have the choice between buying it immediately or having it made as you wish. I would be happy to personalize your item with a plot or an embroidery appliqué. To do this, you can look at “” to see what you would like.

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