Blümchen 2in1 insert with Velcro fastener for Eco Shell overpants


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Simple and leak-proof fabric changing with the 2-in-1 system from Blümchen - this makes changing really fun!

The Blümchen 2-in-1 insert with Velcro fastener for the Blümchen Eco Shell overpants has elastic leg cuffs and thus offers additional leakage protection.

They can be easily clipped into the overpants - no slipping, perfect fit. Thanks to the absorbent bamboo viscose, the 2-in-1 insert from Blümchen is very absorbent and can absorb a lot of urine.

If necessary, a booster can be placed under the Blümchen 2in1 insert - this increases the absorbency and keeps the diaper tight for even longer.


  • Bamboo inserts:
    90% viscose made from bamboo & 10% polyester
    Core material 80% polyester & 20% nylon
  • Cotton inserts:
    100% organic cotton


  • at 60°