Cloth diapers

Changing cloth diapers is very easy - here you will find everything you need to change your baby in a healthy and ecological way.

Different systems, fits and materials leave nothing to be desired.
Here you have the opportunity to rent test packages - this makes it easy for you to choose the cloth diapers that are right for you! Simply select the duration, pay the deposit and rental fee, test it out!
The fee for the test package includes individual advice!
Want high-quality, good cloth diapers? Here you will find something for every baby! Because cloth diapers are not only more ecological, they are healthy and easy on the wallet.
  • With disposable diapers, your baby produces around 1 ton of hard-to-put-down wet waste. Things are different with cloth diapers: they can be washed, resold later or kept for siblings.
  • Cloth diapers are healthy and promote a positive body image!
    Thanks to the wide wrap, the hips are optimally supported during hip maturation. In addition, your child maintains his natural body awareness of his excretions.
  • Cloth diapers are cheap - they save your wallet by up to € 1,200 (washing costs already taken into account!)

I am redeeming the diaper voucher from the WIWA association (Austria) - simply mention it in the comment field and send the diaper voucher to me by post. I will transfer the amount back to you as soon as I receive the voucher!

You don't get a diaper voucher in your community? It doesn't matter - if you buy a fully equipped item, I'll still refund you the amount for specialist dealers! Please let me know in the comments field at the checkout or send me a message using the contact form .

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