Lennybuckle Onbuhimo "magnolia" 100% cotton 220g/m²


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The Lenny Buckle Onbuhimo is a baby carrier for children who can already sit up on their own. The Onbu - as it is colloquially called - does not require a hip belt !

That's why it's great in a subsequent pregnancy, as there is no abdominal belt pressing on the baby bump. It can also be very comfortable when hiking or in summer , as there is hardly any contact surface with the stretcher.

In the Lennylamb Onbuhimo is worn on the back - carrying it is very shoulder-heavy, so the Onbu must definitely fit you! Otherwise there is a risk of pain and tension.

Trying out the Lennylamb Onbu is no problem - let me know
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Thanks to the hood of the Lenny Buckle Onbuhimo, you can extend the back or easily support your child's head. The long straps can be easily accessed.

In addition, the headrest can be pulled together using straps, for example. A neck roll can be built for your child.

The width of the Lennylamb Onbu can be easily and continuously adjusted - this also ensures the correct squatting, spread position.


  • 100% cotton


  • default
    Length back part 34cm
    Width back part at the top 45cm
    Bridge adjustable from 25-41cm
  • Toddler
    Length back part 38cm
    Width back part at the top 50cm
    Bridge adjustable from 27-45cm


  • at 30°
  • max. 800 revolutions

It is best to wash in a laundry net.