Petit Lulu Pull-Up PUL pull-on pants

Petit Lulu

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With the Petit Lulu pull-up trousers you have the ideal solution for nighttime! It doesn't cut in, holds absolutely tight , is cuddly and thanks to the soft fleece cuffs there are no unsightly marks on the legs!

Thanks to the adjusted sizes, it always fits your baby perfectly - I recommend 2 pieces per size, that should last you at night . If you also use pant diapers during the day , you can of course also use the pull-up diaper from Petit Lulu. Then I recommend 5-7 slip-on diapers. A muslin diaper or prefold that is attached with a diaper clip can also be used under the slip pants.

The pull-up pants fit over any panty diaper!

The special thing about these overpants is that they can be put on like underpants. This can be particularly helpful for small children if they want to become more independent and no longer like being changed.

Size table for guidance:

Size Weight waist Thigh Height*
Small about 4-7 kg 30-40cm 16-24cm 46cm
medium about 6-10 kg 34-44cm 20-26cm 51cm
Large approx. 9-13 kg 36-50cm 24-32cm 56cm
X-Large approx. 12-15 kg 38-54cm 26-40cm 60cm

*Incl. Fleece cuffs


  • 100% PUL recycled


  • from S-XL


  • 60°C

Made in Czech Republic.