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The Ruckeli baby carrier is a particularly soft and simple baby carrier ! You can freely adjust it to the size of your baby - so it also supports the ergonomic spread-squat position for healthy hip development.

With the Ruckeli baby carrier you can carry it in front of your stomach, on your back and on your hips. But that's not all: it can also be converted into a practical hip seat - ideal when your baby becomes a toddler!

The headrest offers good support for your baby's head - please remember to only fold up the side at the back of the head to keep the airways clear!

The wide, flat shoulder straps help relieve strain on the back . Thanks to the possibility of crossing the straps on the back, with the Ruckeli baby carrier you have optimal comfort and cover all the needs of different people.

The Ruckeli baby carrier is put on super quickly . The shoulder straps are closed using two buckles attached to the back of the baby carrier. When carrying it on your back , you have the option of wearing the shoulder straps parallel or crossed. To do this, when running parallel, the shoulder straps are attached to the waist belt and part of the belt is attached to the back part - this is quick and easy.

In addition, the diaper area of ​​the Ruckeli baby carrier can be washed separately.

The Ruckeli baby carrier is suitable for babies and children from 3.5kg to approx. 20kg.

The hip belt is adjustable from 75cm - 125cm - an extension of +20cm is available separately.

With a weight of 790g, the Ruckeli is a great, light baby carrier that is versatile and grows with you for a long time.

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Please note: The SLIM version fits many people very well, even with clothing size L!

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  • 100% organic cotton


  • SLIM


  • at 40° - ideally in a laundry net

Fairly produced in the EU.