Fräulein Hübsch SoftTai Toddler size (74/80 to 98/104)

Fräulein Hübsch

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This is an absolutely soft, cuddly and high-quality baby carrier Miss Hübsch SoftTai . As a halfbuckle carrier, it adapts ideally to all wearers and is therefore an all-rounder!

The Waist belt who will be Miss Hübsch SoftTai closed with a buckle - the Shoulder straps are tied . The baby carrier is quick and easy to put on! The soft fabric of the sling also hugs you and your baby perfectly - so you have the perfect comfortable carrier for you and your baby!

The integrated headrest The Fräulein Hübsch SoftTai is closed with a strap - so you can support your baby's head well when it falls asleep. However, always make sure to only fold up the headrest at the back of the head so that the airways are exposed and are visible!

You can use the carrying aid thanks to the infinitely adjustable bridge optimally adapt to your baby - this is how the natural Squat-spread position your baby is supported in just the right way!

With the Fräulein Hübsch SoftTai you can do it in front of your stomach or on your back
and carry it on your hips.

Thanks to the straps sewn into the sides at the base of the Shoulder straps these can narrowed - so your baby doesn't have a bothersome strap on his face, which makes it more comfortable to wear. Due to the Leg padding The wearing comfort for your baby is also increased here.

You need a short carrying check to adjust the carrying aid
and investing correctly?

Now you can easily buy your carrier check with your carrier!

The carrying check is carried out online and takes a maximum of 15 minutes.


  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, made in the Czech Republic
  • Polyurethane (foam) for padding on shoulder and hip belts


  • Toddler size: from 74/80 to 98/104


  • at 30°
  • It is best to wash in a laundry net