Blümchen All-in-One Bamboo (One Size)


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Perfect fit, additional pocket function for additional insoles to boost - the Blümchen All in One is THE classic among all-in-ones!

The Blümchen All-in-One is characterized by high suction power and a perfect fit . The additional tab allows additional absorbent pads to be inserted, thereby increasing the suction power.

Whether on the go, at daycare or at home - the Blümchen All-in-One should not be missing in any cupboard! Thanks to the snap fasteners at the front, the waist height of the diaper can be adjusted three times - so it fits perfectly. The back cuff closes perfectly, so the diaper stays optimally tight.

Cute designs and in different variations - snap fasteners or climbing - leave nothing to be desired!


  • One Size 3-15kg


  • Bamboo terry (80%) and polyester carrier material (20%)
  • Polyester microfiber terry (100%) as an invisible absorbent core
  • outside PUL


  • at 40°
  • Suitable for tumble drying