Blümchen Eco-Shell 2in1 overpants one size (5 to 16kg)


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Do you already know the Blümchen Eco Shell? The sophisticated 2-in-1 system from Blümchen is easy to use and grows with you for a long time!

The Eco Shell overpants from Blümchen have two fastenings on the inside - the specially developed insert can be quickly and easily attached to them!

Thanks to the two flaps and the smooth surface on the inside, the cover can also be used with normal absorbent pads, prefolds & muslin diapers or pant diapers .

The matching Blümchen bamboo absorbent insert Slimfit offers enough absorbent power , has a great fit and is Easily clipped into the Eco Shell overpants! If necessary, an additional booster can be placed in the tabs - which is why this system is also ideal for heavy wetters.

The climbing pad for the absorbent pad has a counter-velcro - please always close this when washing the Blümchen Eco Shell overpants!

The overpants are available with either Velcro or press studs for closure. The double leg cuffs ensure the best leakage protection .

Tip: It's best to use two overpants alternately.


  • 100% PUL polyester with polyurethane lamination


  • One size 5 to 16kg


  • at 40°