Blümchen panty diaper Slimfit one size pack of 3


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The Blümchen Slimfit pant diaper made of organic cotton adapts even better to your baby - without the ruffles, it doesn't pinch thicker thighs and doesn't leave any marks .

There are press studs on the front with which you can adjust the waist height of the Blüschen panty diaper Slimfit. This means it fits your little baby and will most likely grow with you until the end of the changing period.

Thanks to the pocket function for additional absorbent pads, the suction power can be increased if necessary. An additional insert made of organic cotton is included in delivery. In the additional pocket , the suction power can also be significantly increased with a bamboo charcoal or hemp insert.

Please note that an overpants must be worn over the panty diaper to protect against moisture!


  • 100% organic cotton


  • One size 3kg to 16kg


  • 60°