Blümchen swim diapers


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Blümchen's swim diapers are made of PUL on the outside and have a soft polyester mesh lining on the inside . This does not absorb fully and so the diaper is not heavy or thick when bathing.

The lining of the Blümchen swim diaper also feels good on the skin and can reliably catch stool.

The elastic cuffs on the legs and around the stomach ensure a good fit - thanks to the 3 snaps on the side, the diaper can be easily removed and changed. In addition, the width can be regulated with these.

The Blümchen swim diaper is available in three different sizes - thanks to the 3 snap fasteners, the diaper has plenty of room to adjust so that it can be perfectly adjusted to your baby.


  • 100% polyester with polyurethane coating
  • inside 100% mesh


  • M (5-10kg)
  • L (10-13kg)
  • XL (13-16kg)


  • After bathing, rinse out the chlorine with cold water
  • at 40°C