Blümchen trainer panties


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With the Blümchen trainer pants, getting dry will be very easy ! Thanks to the slim fit, it is undetectable under clothing. The trainer from Blümchen can be adjusted in length and width . This means it fits your child from approx. 13kg to 20kg!

Simply pulling them up and down like normal underpants makes it easier for your child to go to the toilet independently and promotes self-confidence.

The inside of the trainer panties is equipped with soft bamboo terry cloth , which feels wet but does not stick to the skin . The integrated microfiber core reliably absorbs moisture and remains permanently soft and breathable.

Note: Training pants are not a diaper - the absorbency is limited and designed to absorb small amounts of moisture. As long as your child cannot say that he or she has to go to the toilet, a trainer is unsuitable.


  • Inside: Bamboo terry: 90% viscose made from bamboo, 10% polyester backing material
  • Absorbent core: invisible under bamboo 100% polyester microfiber terry
  • Moisture protection membrane: PUL (polyurethane coated polyester)


  • UNI from approx. 13kg to 20kg


  • washable at 40°C

Do not use bleach, optical brighteners or harsh stain removers.