Engel Natur virgin wool terry baby trousers with umbilical waistband

Engel Natur

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With the You can't go wrong with Engel Natur baby trousers made from virgin wool! Your baby is always like that Dressed just right , even can barefoot be on the road because it no tights needed and at the same time has one pleasant feeling on the skin.

Thanks to the wool, these baby pants work temperature regulating . she is antibacterial and dirt-repellent - simply airing it out is enough in most cases.

Rare washing - less work!

The pleasant one Terry cloth quality Angel natural wool baby pants with umbilical waistband ensures the best wearing comfort. The wool ensures that your baby doesn't sweat or freeze.

Please note that the Engel virgin wool baby trousers should be handled carefully washed by hand with lukewarm should be. Do not wring out or rub , otherwise the wool will become matted.

If you have the baby pants If you want to wash in the washing machine, I recommend doing so at a maximum of 30°C on the wool cycle, with a low spin speed and with a suitable one Wool detergent - you can also find this in the shop.

The angel wool silk baby leggings grow with you for a long time - usually more than two sizes!


  • 100% organic merino virgin wool
    GOTS certified and produced in Germany


50/56 62/68 74/80 86/92 98/104 110/116  
Old 0 - 2 3 - 6 7 - 12 13 - 24 25 - 48 49 - 72 Months
height 50-56 62-68 74-80 86-92 98-104 110-116 cm
Abdominal circumference 42-46 44-48 46-50 48-52 50-56 54-58 cm


  • by hand wash
  • or in the wool washing program at max. 30°C and a low spin speed with wool detergent