Hoppediz balloon cover


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Your perfect play companion for your handbag! Simply blow up the balloon in the cover, twist it and tuck the rest under the flap. It bounces and bounces like a real ball with the lightness and accident-freeness of a balloon - so nothing breaks, neither the nose nor the vase. After use, simply deflate again and the balloon envelope disappears into your handbag to save space.

This is how the fun works:
Push the balloon through the slot in the cover and inflate the balloon until the cover is filled. Do not tie the balloon in a knot, but instead push the twisted end under the flap of the balloon cover.

100% cotton, tested for harmful substances (material from HOPPEDIZ® baby slings)

washable up to 60 °C

Ø approx. 25 cm, one size

Scope of delivery:
1 balloon cover with 2 balloons