Lumina diaper skirt


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A diaper skirt consists of a layer of PUL on the outside, a super soft cuff around the stomach, an absorbent layer on the inside and two snaps at the bottom.

- perfect for children to get dry
- for diaper-free as a backup at home
- at night while sleeping
- as a backup if night diapers run out

Outside: 100% PUL, inside: 100% bamboo viscose, filling: 100% microfiber (polyester)


Size 1: Suitable for children from 6 kg up to approx. 2.5 years
Size 2: for children from approx. 2.5 years to approx. 5 years

washable up to 60°C

When washing, please turn the diaper skirt inside out so that the absorbent layer faces outwards. Otherwise it cannot be spun out properly and takes a long time to dry.