Popolini Popli Super diaper fleece roll


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With the diaper fleece from Popolini you can easily and easily remove the stool from the cloth diapers ! Super soft and gentle on the skin, you can also wash it with the cloth diapers if there is no chair on the fleece.

The Popolini super diaper fleece keeps the moisture of the absorbent insert away from the skin - this also creates a drier skin feeling for your baby. This can be particularly helpful when switching from disposable diapers to cloth diapers or at night with long changing intervals.

You can easily tear the Popolini Popli Super diaper fleece off the roll. Easy and simple!

Thanks to the biodegradable material, you can also compost the diaper fleece - if there has been no contact with feces. Otherwise, I recommend disposing of them with residual waste , as is the case with disposable diapers.

Popolini's diaper fleece can also be used as a cleaning or wet wipe . Due to its size it fits into any diaper system - you may need to fold it sideways to fit slim diapers.

Tip: Do not place the diaper fleece in the overpants in the flaps, but on the back flap of the overpants. This means it stays protected and doesn’t get dirty.

There are 120 sheets of diaper fleece on the roll.


  • 100% cellulose


  • 16cm x 28cm


  • can be washed several times with the cloth diapers