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The Wooly Wonder Lanolin soap is a hand-made natural soap from the Mostviertel/Austria. Thanks to the cold boiling process , all valuable ingredients are retained and ensure adequate and pleasant care!

The native organic oils coconut and almond have an anti-inflammatory and nourishing effect. The wool soap nourishes and soothes the skin, especially for cracked, dry skin.

Only lanolin from pesticide-free and mulesing-free production is used for the wool fat soap. It ensures a pleasantly moisturizing skin feeling.


We have had positive experiences with neurodermatitis, as well as with daily use when washing hands. For particularly cracked and stressed skin, the soap can also be used as a bath additive. Just put the wool laundry soap in the water for a short time!

The wool grease soap is also ideal for all wool and wool-silk textiles! Wool diapers can be washed out with lanolin soap every now and then without having to re-grease them afterwards. This means that smaller stains can be washed out quickly and easily.

With wool grease soap you can wash, remove stains and re-grease all in one!

Important: let the soap dry thoroughly - it should not be left wet!

All versions of the soap are certified in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Regulation and rated as safe and can therefore be used for skin care.

Color and shape may vary from photo as this soap is hand-boiled.

Developed by a wool diaper mommy!

Attention: if only the soap is ordered, it will be sent by letter - you will receive reduced shipping of € 2.90! (Refund after purchase) - in Austria. Separate shipping costs to Germany!

You will receive washing instructions with every bar of soap!


  • 100 g


  • Coconut Nucifera Oil*
  • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil*
  • Aqua
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Adeps lanae anhydricus
    (* from controlled organic cultivation)

Using Wooly Wonder Lanolin Soap

It is always important to store the soap - it should never be left wet, always drain well and let it dry, then you will enjoy it for a long time! 😉
* Stain treatment on wool textiles (wool diapers, wool knits, virgin wool, wool walk,…):

Moisten the stain lukewarm/cool & moisten soap, carefully rub the affected area with a little soap, then massage the soap onto the stain with your bare finger until it foams - if there is too little foam, more soap if necessary - massage the stain out with the foam “, then rinse well.

With a wool diaper/walking suit, it is not necessary to completely grease the textile, as the soap is used to selectively care for the material.

* Washing a wool textile :
For example, do you want wash a woolen diaper completely by hand, then add some soap to lukewarm water until the water becomes slightly whitish/soapy, then remove the bar of soap (let it dry well!) and then you can wash the woolen textile well by hand. Then rinse well again with clean water. A wool treatment is necessary afterwards.
* Skin care :
Wolly Wonder soap is approved as a cosmetic care product and can therefore provide gentle care for red, irritated or neurodermatitis-prone skin. You can use it as a hand soap for chapped hands or as a general shower soap for the whole body etc. Your skin will thank you, it is free of fragrances or any chemicals! 😊