Which cloth diaper is best for newborns?

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Would you like to clothe your newborn from the start? Excellent! But which cloth diapers are really the best? I would like to answer this question for you today!

Unfortunately, this cannot be said in general terms. A cloth diaper should be like a well-fitting bra - not constricting, not too tight, not too loose and comfortable for your baby to wear. In addition, a cloth diaper should be tight and not leak. But which factors play a decisive role? And which cloth diaper is right for every baby?

The different systems for cloth diapers often make the selection difficult. However, I can tell you something here: especially at the beginning, when your baby is receiving breast milk, it is worth using a system that is wrapped around the baby. The 2 in 1 system, where an absorbent pad plus overpants is used, is best suited for this. It does less laundry than the All in One system and can be filled individually.

Which absorbent pad is best for newborn babies?

When it comes to absorbent pads, I like to recommend either thin panty diapers plus overpants to start with. Or you can simply “make” the panty diaper yourself out of a muslin diaper or prefold . You can then attach the whole thing with a diaper clip:

Prefold cloth diaper newborn swaddle Prefold wrapped around baby

The advantage of muslin diapers and prefolds ? If your baby becomes more active or receives supplementary food that causes the breast milk stool to change, you can easily fold it into a straight absorbent pad and place it in your overpants. An economical system that can be used for a long time. If necessary, an additional booster can be wrapped!

What is the best way to change my baby with cloth diapers?

Babies have very irregular bowel movements, especially in the beginning. Especially in babies who are fed with breast milk. From five times a day to once in 10 days, everything is within the normal range. If you have a baby who belongs to the former, you can work up a sweat washing the overpants if you are using absorbent pads.

But if you wrap a panty diaper, muslin diaper or prefold around the baby, you have automatically created a chair barrier . If used correctly, the likelihood of stool getting into the overpants is very unlikely. This saves a lot of laundry, stress and above all: frustration.

Which cover pants are best for newborn babies?

There are endless possibilities and variations when it comes to overpants. I'll now explain to you the different advantages, what you should pay attention to and how you can find the best overpants for you!

Overpants with double and single leg cuffs

Cloth diaper cover flowers newborn one sizeTotsbots Peenut Bamboozle Wrap Cover Cloth Diaper Baby Onesize Newborn Size 1 Size 2

Blümchen Overpants Totsbots Overpants
with double leg cuffs with single leg cuffs

When it comes to cloth diaper covers, you can choose between double and single leg cuffs . Some even have fleece on them , making them even softer on the skin.

The advantage of simple leg cuffs ? Especially with fatter baby legs, they usually constrict less or not at all! Opinions vary greatly on the subject of leak protection - but many report that the simple leg cuffs keep them wonderfully tight.

But what I can tell you in any case: it also depends on the material! The simple leg cuffs from Blümchen are a lot firmer than those of the Wizly from diaper magic land , Totsbots or Doodush .

The advantage of double leg cuffs ? For slim children, overpants with double leg cuffs are often used because this can REALLY provide better leakage protection.

But the same applies here: it depends on the material! Blümchen has a stronger material than Bamboolik or Petit Lulu (both of the latter also have fleece on the cuffs).

Overpants with snaps or Velcro?

I have summarized the different advantages of the two closures and disadvantages in a practical table.

Many parents simply try both - and then sometimes buy 1 or 2 pairs of overpants with the right fastener.

Advantages Disadvantages
Velcro fastener
  • can really be adjusted individually to the child
  • to close more quickly - especially great when the children become more mobile
  • Climbing must always be closed well before washing, otherwise lint can get caught in it
  • Older children can open the Velcro fastener themselves
  • some climbers can rub against the baby's stomach
  • have a longer shelf life
  • are more difficult for children to open
  • cannot be set quite as individually
  • Snap fasteners are not great for older children who are very impatient when changing diapers

Doodush Cover Milovia Austria Cloth Diaper Newborn One Size Doodush overtrousers with snap fasteners

Cloth diaper covers for newborns with or without tabs?

The so-called “prefold tabs” are a topic in themselves. Some people really want it, others can do without it. For many parents, one tab is enough - some definitely want two.

Especially with newborns , where I recommend wrapping absorbent material around the baby, you don't actually need tabs.

If you want to use the overpants for a longer period of time or stop using them after a short time - for example when the bowel movement times have settled down - it is worth at least having a tab in the overtrousers .

For example, with some overpants the material is not slippery at all, so inserts do not slip even without tabs.

Wizly Diaper Magicland Cover Pants Newborn One Size

The Wizly from Diaper Magicland fits your baby from 3kg and grows up to 13kg. So if you're "lucky" you'll get through the entire changing time. It also has a tab at the front into which you can insert the absorbent pad. The material is not too slippery, so the insert stays in place.

Bamboolik Mini Mimi Cover Pants Newborn newborn

The Newborn version of the Bamboolik overpants has a tab, while the Onesize has none at all. However, the PUL has a good structure, so that absorbent pads hardly slip at all.

Image from “Windelwissen.de”

Petit Lulu Classic newborn cover pants

You won't find any tabs at all in the Petit Lulu Classic overpants . Here you could use the corresponding absorbent pads , which are used with snap fasteners. However, the PUL is a little more grippy here too , so the insoles hold well.

The overpants from Blümchen , Doodush , as well as the Weeza from diaper magic land for babies from 6kg and the Popolini Snap2Fit for babies from approx. 5kg have two tabs.

Cloth diapers for nighttime - which one is the best?

Newborns in particular are often changed at night. This means: you can easily use the same insoles here as you would during the day. If necessary, you can simply insert an additional booster into the diaper.

If your baby no longer does much work at night and you don't want to wake him up, it's best to use absorbent diapers!

These panty diapers are particularly suitable for nighttime use:

Totsbots Bamboozle Strech - Size 1 can be used from 2.7kg to approx. 8kg. It is made of absorbent bamboo viscose and contains an additional absorbent pad.

Bamboolik pant diaper - the Newborn version fits your baby from 2kg to 6kg. Made of absorbent bamboo viscose and with an additional absorbent insert for more absorbent power.

Blümchen Birdseye pant diapers for newborns - this diaper is perfect not only for daytime but also for nighttime. Thanks to the special structure, liquid can be absorbed very quickly. It also has a reinforced suction core. This diaper has no additional pocket function or absorbent insert - but you can easily add a short booster to increase the absorbency!

Blümchen bamboo diaper - you can use the newborn version from 2kg to 7kg. It has a sewn-in absorbent core and an additional pocket function into which you can easily insert an additional insert. Absorbent bamboo viscose makes this panty diaper a true absorbent miracle!

Remember: a pant diaper must always be paired with moisture protection pants - i.e. over pants. You can easily use the ones you also use during the day. There is also the option of adding wool slip-on trousers or PUL slip-on trousers (e.g. Petit Lulu ) to ensure more comfort.

Which diaper is the best now?

You see - there is no general answer!

Consider the following points:

  • Do I want narrow or slightly wider overpants?
  • should it be single or double leg cuffs?
  • Velcro or snaps?
  • Do I want tabs or not in the overpants?

These newborn brands usually fit every baby and are often chosen by parents:

  • Doodush (simple leg cuffs, two inner tabs, press studs)
  • Bamboolik (double leg cuffs with fleece, an inside tab, press studs or Velcro)
  • Diaper Magic Land Wizly (simple leg cuffs, a tab inside, press studs or Velcro)
  • Flowers (double or single leg cuffs, two inner tabs, snaps or Velcro and a wide cut)

When it comes to absorbent pads, you should consider whether you really want to use something to "wrap around" them in the beginning. Then muslin diapers or prefolds are best. These can later be easily folded into straight absorbent pads and used for a long time. Don't forget the diaper clip to close it!

The cloth diaper rental package - a way to try it out and save money!

I offer my customers the option of a cloth diaper rental package for newborns . This contains many different brands . Overpants, a variety of absorbent materials, accessories such as wet bags and advice are included! If you want, you can also try wool diapers !

The rental package is structured in such a way that you can really do full-time work with it. You can also choose your individual rental period: 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks.

Well, do you have perspective now?

I hope I was able to help you with this post! If not, simply write me an email using the chat function in the shop or using the contact form !

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