Babywearing in spring

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Winter is coming to an end - the days are getting warmer again and spring lures us outside with its flowers, scents and sunshine. However, it can still be quite cold sometimes. That's why today I want to show you how you can keep your baby and yourself cozy through the spring while carrying your baby.

The most important facts first:

  • Babies in their first year of life should always be worn under a jacket or sweater.
    Newborns in particular cannot yet maintain their body temperature well - which is why they rely on the body heat of the person carrying them!
  • If your toddler wants to walk on his own and wants to go in and out again and again, you can also wear him comfortably over a jacket!
  • If you wear your baby under a jacket or a babywearing sweater, don't dress him too warmly! The baby carrier or sling replaces a layer of clothing, you warm your baby and the jacket provides additional warmth.
  • The legs are particularly important - they are outside the stretcher or cloth and need extra warmth. It's best to use cuffs to protect your legs. Warm socks or shoes made of lambskin are also a great companion!
  • A hat - preferably with ribbons to tie it - is of course also a must :)
  • Wool or wool-silk clothing is particularly suitable for your baby to wear. This is breathable, temperature-regulating and always ensures the optimal temperature - in all seasons!
    A long-sleeved bodysuit and long wool-silk leggings in summer protect your baby from UV rays.

What should I wear my baby under a baby carrier?

Of course, it depends on which babywearing jacket you use. Is it a wool coat, a softshell or hardshell jacket?

Under a wool coat, your baby usually doesn't need any "extra" clothing - other than the aforementioned cuffs and socks to hold the legs up.

mamalila babywearing jacket babywearing coat wool coat babywearing hooded coat babywearing coat made of wool Hooded wool coat from mamalila

You can wear this great wool baby coat from mamalila even when you have a baby bump! It also has the option of carrying your child in front of your stomach or on your back. And you can benefit from it for even longer - because even without a baby bump or a baby, you can easily use it as a coat!

This light wool coat is a loyal companion, especially on very cool spring days. However, if it gets warmer, a softshell jacket is probably the better alternative.

Softshell is a great material - it warms, is wind, water and air repellent and yet you don't sweat in it because the jacket is breathable.

Softshell jacket baby carrier carrying jacket softshell Greyse Austria Softshell babywearing jacket from Greyse

Would you like a babywearing jacket that you can use during pregnancy? You're welcome - you can use the softshell jacket for babywearing from Greyse with a baby bump and when carrying a baby! In front of the stomach and also on the back. The practical thing about it is not just the two hoods for you and your baby - the casual cut also allows plenty of freedom of movement for your child. The softshell babywearing jacket from Grayse also fits over your toddler!

Once the wearing time is over, you can easily use the jacket as a jacket for everyday use. And admittedly, the beautiful colors and patterns of Greyse are just to fall in love with!

Carrying jacket rain jacket baby carrier mamalila

Rainwear jacket from mamalila

The rain jacket from mamalila is also a great companion! The material is wind- and water-repellent and super light. However, on cooler days I recommend that you wear a little more underneath - the same applies to your baby! An additional vest or a thin(!!) overall are very suitable. Best made from wool fleece or cotton fleece, for example.

The mamalila principle also applies here: can be used with a baby bump, when carrying the baby in front of the stomach and on the back and then as a jacket in everyday life!

My absolute favorite for spring when it doesn't rain: the Lennylamb babywearing sweater!

Lennylamb babywearing sweater carrying jacket babywearing Austria babywearing sweater Wearing sweater from Lennylamb

With this babywearing sweater you have the option of carrying your baby in front of your stomach or on your back! It will keep you and your baby warm all year round - even in winter if you dress properly underneath it.

In spring I recommend that you dress your baby normally underneath; an additional vest as well as protection for the legs and a hat are completely sufficient!

The babywearing sweater is a cheaper alternative to babywearing jackets and is an ideal companion for you! Side zippers make it super easy to put on and take off. A large integrated pocket offers storage space for keys, wallet and cell phone.

With the integrated loop scarf for mom, it's always pleasantly warm. There is also a hood and scarf included for your baby, which you can easily put on if necessary!

So many options - which babywearing jacket is the best?

Think about what you want to use the product for. Already during pregnancy, just to carry the baby or even afterwards?

Carrying jackets are more expensive - but they last a really long time! They can be resold at a great price and will bring joy to other babywearing parents for a long time to come.

mamalila often uses recycled materials for the babywearing jackets - this of course has another advantage, as existing materials are reused. This protects the environment and valuable resources.

The babywearing sweater is a great, cost-effective alternative that will accompany you from autumn to spring. It only becomes difficult when it rains or snows - I always use a hardshell or rain jacket over it.

I hope I was able to give you a little insight into the world of babywearing in spring!

Have a great start to spring,

your Tatjana