Baby wearing in summer

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Finally summer has arrived! Hot days, cool drinks, splashing around in the water. For many parents it is the first summer with a baby and they are faced with many questions:

  • What should I wear for my baby in summer?
  • Would you prefer a sling or a baby carrier?
  • How can I protect my baby from the sun?
  • What else should I consider?

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How do I dress my baby when carrying it in summer?

First of all, as always, the sling or carrying aid replaces a layer of clothing! This means that if your baby is wearing a bodysuit and shirt, you should definitely take off your baby's shirt. Arms and legs as well as the head must be particularly protected - these are not protected by the cloth.

Thin leg warmers made of breathable cotton, wool-silk or UV material are particularly suitable here. For very small babies, these can also be pulled over the feet and thus protected. You should avoid socks - your baby regulates his body temperature through his feet and head!

Nevertheless, headgear is important and essential! Especially when direct sunlight cannot be avoided. A sun hat with a large brim on the neck and forehead, as well as ties to tie it, is ideal for protecting your baby. Make sure you have a sun protection factor of 50+!

Light cotton clothing - e.g. muslin, or (long-sleeved) wool-silk clothing are perfect in summer! Temperature-regulating and even equipped with a light sun protection factor, you're ready to go.

My favorite outfit on hot days? Baby with long-sleeved wool/silk bodysuit and long wool/silk trousers. Sunscreen on your feet and hands, a hat with a large brim.

I also like to wear a light, breathable shirt, which is cut high enough so that my baby can't sweat on my bare skin with his little head. Wool/silk shirts for adults are also ideal - you won't sweat on each other, your baby won't get cold or warm and it's enough to air the clothes out after use. Thanks to the antibacterial properties of wool, you save yourself the trouble of washing. Simply hang it up, air it out and put it back on.

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Sling or baby carrier?

When choosing the baby carrier or sling, you can also pay attention to the material: hemp, linen, silk, Tencel and bamboo viscose are particularly suitable for carrying in summer. They are breathable, usually have an antibacterial effect, are super thin and perfect for summer babywearing!

We also grow hemp and linen - Mariblum * uses 100% hemp from Germany. That's why by buying these cloths you support regionality, environmental protection and fair production conditions! From the plant's seeds to the sale of the cloths, nature is protected, workers are paid fairly and small sewing shops are supported.

Lennylamb produces great scarves with a wide variety of material combinations, colors, patterns, lengths - there really is something for everyone! Lennylamb's wipes are soft right from the start, making them ideal for newborns. In addition, the price-performance ratio is really TOP!

The quality of Lennylamb is really great and anyone who would like to try out some fancy material mixes should try such a cloth.

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Both slings and baby carriers made from the materials mentioned above are available in the shop - browse through and use the chat function if you need support.

There are some slings that need to be snuggled up well first - others are buttery soft right from the start. Of course, the cloth should not be too rigid or too tight, especially if you want to carry a newborn with it. In addition, it can be difficult for beginners to tie such wraps with newborns.

However, things are different with baby carriers – LIMAS has great baby carriers made from 100% linen. These are very soft and comfortable to wear. Available in the shop as a LIMAS baby carrier, LIMAS Plus baby carrier or LIMAS Flex!

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Single-layer tying methods with the sling such as the simple backpack with finish or hip carrying methods are perfect in summer - you need a short sling with your favorite summer material and a little practice.

Ring slings, like the Minimonkey Mini Sling , are also ideal in summer. You can even go into the water with it - it dries super quickly, has a really small pack size and fits in every (bathing) bag, in the glove compartment or in the stroller.

Onbuhimos are equally popular in summer. Why? Because this baby carrier doesn't need a waist belt! An Onbu – as it is colloquially called – is, so to speak, one of many traditional baby carriers. It comes from Japan and does not require a hip belt; it is usually closed with buckles. It is primarily worn on the back. Due to the lack of a waist belt, carrying the Onbuhimo is more shoulder-heavy. Some love him - some hate him. Trying it out is the key here! If you have the wrong Onbu, you just won't be happy with it.

The Onbu is also ideal for runners who would like to be carried or on vacation. It's super quick to put on, has a small pack size and can be carried comfortably and safely on the back if children's legs are tired.

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What else is there to consider?

In addition, midday heat in particular should be avoided - do not go outside between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., as this is when the sun's rays are strongest. If this cannot be avoided, you can also use a UV umbrella to protect your baby from the sun.

Only if you cannot protect your baby from the sun with clothing and shade is it recommended to use a sunscreen with a mineral filter. Be sure to check the ingredients in advance - microplastics and petroleum residues are unfortunately not uncommon and have no place on the skin. I like to use the Feeling * sunscreen for babies and children. This is made from natural raw materials, contains no harmful substances and is easy to spread. Make sure to wash the sunscreen off your skin well!

What else is important? Drink a lot - this applies to you as well as to your baby. Breast milk or pre-feeding is absolutely enough for your baby to quench his thirst. Water or tea should not be offered if your baby is not yet receiving solid food! In addition, breast milk and pre-feeding contain everything your baby needs to quench his thirst and stay healthy at the same time.

Tea is generally not recommended - in the past (and unfortunately still today), fennel tea was offered to newborns. This is absolutely not necessary and can lead to serious kidney damage! Tea should also not be seen as a drink, but as medicine. Water is the first and best choice for your baby starting from solid food.

One final tip: Use a cheesecloth between you and your baby to help absorb sweat. But make sure that it is firmly attached to the stretcher or cloth so that the material does not block the airways!

And now have fun wearing it!

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