Cloth diapers deep cleaning - this is how it works!

Posted by Tatjana Regina Kirchweger on

Do you have the feeling that the cloth diapers constantly stink and the smell doesn't go away even after washing? This is where deep cleaning can help! However, it is important to take a closer look at the washing routine and storage of the used cloth diapers.

Since deep cleaning always puts a strain on the material, it should not be done too often. Most mistakes happen when you store used cloth diapers incorrectly and when washing them.

Too little water in the drum, too much washing powder, but also not letting the cloth diapers dry completely can lead to urine scale and detergent residue settling in the diapers. This then leads to smelly cloth diapers.

Deep cleansing can be done with either citric acid or lactic acid. Cleaning with lactic acid is definitely the gentlest on the material, as it is the closest acid to the body and is almost twice as effective as citric acid!

Lactic acid removes urine scale and lime soap without stressing the fibers. This is particularly important with bamboo and PUL, as these materials are the most sensitive.

The best way to deep clean cloth diapers is as follows:

  • Fill an appropriately sized bucket - preferably a baby bathtub or a laundry basket - with a load of cloth diaper laundry.
  • Fill with lukewarm water so that all diapers are covered and floating in the water.
  • Now you can add the lactic acid. Please work according to the manufacturer's instructions!
  • PUL should remain in the solution for a maximum of half an hour. Absorbent pads can also be bathed in for 2 to 3 hours.
  • Take out the diapers and rinse and spin well in the washing machine. Then wash as usual.

After this deep cleaning, your cloth diapers should be hygienically clean again and no longer smell. It is important that the cloth diapers are rinsed thoroughly during the wash cycle so that no residue can form.

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