Mariblum slings and ring slings made from hemp and linen

Do you already know Mariblum *? Beautiful, hand-dyed wraps and ring slings - made from 100% linen or 100% hemp. Unique, because the hemp for Mariblum comes entirely from Germany !

With Mariblum slings you can carry your baby naturally and sustainably - harmless plant materials are used to color the slings, made in Germany and lovingly shipped without any frills.

As a Mariblum brand ambassador , I can introduce you to the great products in my shop and regularly surprise you with new photos on my social media channels!

Linen and hemp are particularly suitable to wear in summer - they have a temperature-regulating effect, you sweat less and it is also more comfortable and airy for your baby to wear .

The material is immediately cuddly and soft - with some other manufacturers you have to cuddle the material well before you can wear it well. Linen and hemp are usually very strong and rigid - not with Mariblum!

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