Bambino mio baby washing additive 750g

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Bambino Mio's washing additive gives laundry an extra boost of freshness. Designed to remove stubborn stains and odors and keep whites white naturally. Simply add a dash to your laundry and you're done!

• Ideal for giving white, colored and dark laundry an extra dose of freshness, such as baby clothes, bed linen, plush toys and much more.

• Recommended for cloth diapers - perfect for washing cloth diapers.

• Keeps whites naturally white and removes stubborn stains and odors.

• The gentle formula is free of unpleasant ingredients such as enzymes, fragrances and optical brighteners.

• Perfect for delicate newborn skin and suitable for all skin types.

• Effective washing at temperatures from 30°C.

• Made from plant and mineral ingredients to protect our environment.

• This product is vegan and has not been tested on animals.

• Simply add a dash of detergent additive to your detergent. 750g is enough for approx. 12 loads of washing.

• Made in the UK.