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Bambino Mio's potty training pants are the first step away from diapers and toward underwear!

• Perfect for the first steps of potty training. Have a pair of trainer pants on hand to make potty training easier during the day.
• Trainer pants allow toddlers to feel wet and help them learn when they need to use the potty.
• Fits similar to underpants and pulls up and down for easy changing.
• Trainer pants help increase toddler independence because they look and feel like real pants.
• Waterproof layer inside and a core that holds back small mishaps, protecting clothing, socks and shoes from getting wet.
• Comfortable and stretchy waistband for active toddlers.
• Cotton blend, nothing is softer on gentle baby skin.
• Available in a selection of playful designs to stimulate toddlers' imaginations.
• Suitable for washing machines and tumble dryers.
• Made from 80% cotton, 20% polyester laminated polyurethane.