Doodush overpants XL


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Doodush cloth diapers are just to fall in love with!

They are considered the successor overpants to Milovia and are perfect for your baby!

Wonderful soft PUL, supple leg and back cuffs and the perfect cut fit as well as every baby! Thanks to the press studs, the waist height of the Doodush overpants in size XL can also be adjusted grows from approx. 7 to 18kg!

thanks to the two tabs You can also use the overpants on the inside straight absorbent pads and folded prefolds use. But also about The Doodush diaper cover fits diapers or muslin diapers that you wrap around your baby. The tabs are also included cuddly soft fleece provided, which ones still more comfort offer for your baby!

Two layers of PUL ensure maximum safety - so the diaper stays tight for a really long time and is a lot of fun.

A slim diaper for all babies!

Discover the Doodush overpants in sizes Newborn and One Size!
The Doodush brand is included in the Austrian diaper voucher.


  • 100% polyester with polyurethane coating


  • XL from 7 to 18kg


  • 60°

Manufactured in Poland.