Emeibaby easy baby size (from 3kg to 15kg)


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The Emeibaby easy baby carrier is a combination of cloth and comfort carrier - it is cuddly soft and fits your baby particularly well. The size Baby size is from 3kg usable and grows with you until the age of 3 ! This means you can cover a very long carrying time with just one carrying aid.

How does it work?

  • Waist belt with buckle for closure
  • Shoulder straps with buckle for closure
  • What’s special:
    A short sling is attached to the shoulder straps and is tightened around your baby with two rings. The remaining cloth can be stowed under the headrest.
  • You only have to adjust the carrying aid once - you can easily adjust or tighten the cloth if necessary. Very easy!

With the Emeibaby easy fullbuckle baby carrier you can in front of the stomach and on the back carry. She fits with one Clothing size from XS to XXL (Circumference of waist belt max. 1.40m). If necessary one can Extension for the connecting belt and waist belt (approx. 28cm long) can also be ordered.

You need a short carrying check to adjust the carrying aid
and investing correctly?

Now you can easily buy your carrier check with your carrier!

The carrying check is carried out online and takes a maximum of 15 minutes.


  • 100% organic cotton


  • Baby size from 3kg to 15kg (from height 50cm)


  • at 30°
  • It is best to wash in a laundry net