Grünspecht organic finger paint


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The colors are ideal for paper, cardboard, wood and stone. They can easily be mixed together to get even more variations. They are particularly creamy and therefore drip less.

The cups are extra flat so that little ones can easily get their fingers into them.
The organic finger paint is made from natural, renewable raw materials. Vegetable and mineral pigments of food or cosmetic quality are used for this purpose.

The organic finger paint was tested by an independent testing institute in accordance with the toy standard DIN EN 71-7.

According to the standard, the organic finger paint contains a bitter substance so that the little ones do not lick off the finger paint and swallow it.

T he organic finger paint is recommended for ages 2 and up. Please note the safety instructions!

application areas
  • Clean hands before and after using finger paint.
  • Seal the cans airtight after use.
  • Do not store opened cans for a long period of time.
  • The penetration of dirt and bacteria can cause the natural product to spoil.
  • Please note the best-before date on the packaging and at the bottom of the storage containers.
  • After drying, the colors lose some of their intensity and become lighter.
  • This does not represent a quality defect and cannot be avoided due to the natural color pigments.

Ingredients: Water, corn starch (organic), salt, sorbitol, clay, calcium carbonate, vegetable oil (organic), xanthan gum, food or cosmetic grade vegetable pigments

Preservative: Phenoxyethanol < 1%

Bitter substance: denatonium benzoate

The product is vegan and free of soy, milk, palm oil, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and parabens. Contains gluten.

Contents: 4 x 120g