Grünspecht organic soft dough


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Children discover the world with all their senses. With the organic soft dough, the little ones can let off steam creatively and create their own works of art.

Grünspecht organic soft dough is made from natural, renewable raw materials. For this we use food-grade plant-based pigments.

The organic soft dough was tested by an independent testing institute in accordance with the toy standard DIN EN 71. According to the standard, Grünspecht Bio-Soft-Knete contains a bitter substance so that the little ones do not lick and swallow the dough.

The organic soft dough is recommended for ages 2 and up. Please note the safety instructions!


Imaginative play with kneaded animals, cars, shapes, etc. is fun for the whole family.

Our organic soft dough is suitable for children aged 2 and over

  • for crafting and playing.
  • as a children's activity, for example in bad weather.
  • to promote fine motor skills.
  • as modeling clay for making decorations.

Ingredients: Water, wheat flour (organic), vegetable oil (organic), salt, citric acid, food-grade vegetable pigments

Preservative: potassium sorbate

Bitter substance: denatonium benzoate

The product is vegan and free of soy, milk, palm oil, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and parabens. Contains gluten.