Diaper Magicland Wetbag Wet Bag Duo


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The wet bag duo from Diaper Zauberland impresses with its beautiful design and practical size. The large bag can be opened at the top with a zipper and offers space for 3-4 swim diapers or 2 cloth diapers . It is impermeable to water on the inside and ideal for visiting the swimming pool or going on a trip.

There is another small pocket at the front, which can also be opened with a zipper and offers space for dry insoles or something similar. The front pocket is not waterproof.

The wet bag duo has a handle on the side that can be closed with a snap. This means that the bag can be attached to the stroller, for example.

The wet bag duo is an ideal replacement for any plastic bag. Whether for daycare, kindergarten, school or leisure time - it can be used multifunctionally. Wet or damp items of clothing, such as diapers or swimming trunks, can be stored in the large compartment and either spare or a change of clothing can be stored in the small compartment. This saves you thousands of bags over time.

The wet bag duo is not only suitable for children, but also for storing alternative menstrual hygiene such as cloth pads or panty liners . While used hygiene items can be stored in the large pocket, there is space in the front pocket for fresh panty liners or sanitary napkins.

Their practical size means they fit in any beach bag, backpack or school bag.

Size: 25x25cm

All materials are Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

Care instructions: Wash at 60°C

Please do not put it in the dryer, on the heater or in direct sun.

Material: 100% polyester with polyurethane coating