Lennylamb halfbuckle "Bolero"


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LennyHybrid – Hybrid Carrier “2in1”

For newborns and toddlers

Age: 0-24 months

Dress size: 62-92

Designed for healthy and safe carrying of babies (min.3.2kg)

Possible carrying positions:

From the front - “belly to belly, on the hips, on the back (4th mo.+)

Grows with the child

The multi-level adjustment of the back panel enables optimal adjustment and ergonomic position in every phase of your child's development.

The best, connected in a stretcher

Almost like a tied cloth. As comfortable as the stretcher + flexible as the cloth.

Adjust for the wearer

The long, soft shoulder straps and the softly padded waist belt are quickly adjusted and offer comfort. Particularly quick to set up without having to make any new settings. Recommended if the two parents have very different body statures.


Removable and adjustable. Supports your baby's head when needed.

Bum bag

Located on the waist belt. Practical and handy; with magnetic closure. Stores your cell phone, keys and other small items.


100% cotton