Lennybuckle Onbuhimo "Entwine"


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Onbuhimo - The carrier without a waist belt

For children starting to sit independently

Available in 3 sizes

Standard : Age: 6-18 months

Dress size: 74-92

Toddler : Age: 12-36 months

Dress size: 80-98

Preschool: Ages: 2 - 5 years

Dress size: 92 - 122

Possible carrying positions:

On the back (alternatively in front of the stomach)

Without waist belt

Simple design without a waist belt - if you are pregnant or the waist belt simply bothers you, this carrier is just right for you

Grows with the child

The easy adjustment of the width of the back panel enables the optimal adjustment for your child. This means you can enjoy a long wearing time. You can also adjust the height of the panel in preschool size

Adjust for the wearer

The soft, adjustable shoulder straps are very comfortable when carrying your child and can be quickly adjusted for parents


Standard and Toddler: Adjustable, not removable.

Preschool: Adjustable and removable

Supports your baby's head when needed and definitely won't get lost ;)


100% cotton