Lennylamb Ring Sling Peacock's Tail Provance 100% cotton


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thanks to the Lennylamb Ring Sling Peacock's Tail Provance you have a great way to carry your baby quickly and easily. The ring sling is ideal for on the go - it has a small pack size and fits in every diaper bag, backpack and stroller.

You can already do yours in the Lennylamb Ring Sling Carrying newborn - gladly too in front of the stomach. If your Baby older and bigger you can do it laterally wear, which offers many benefits for your baby and you!

As your baby gets older, he or she will want to see more Carrying it on the side is ideal. Those of course Squat-spread position continues to be supported and the soft cloth hugs your baby. In addition, your baby can turn away from stimuli at any time and simply fall asleep or rest.

Thanks to the Lennylamb Ring Sling, which once pre-tied is put on again and again very quickly, you are absolute in everyday life flexible and comfortable on the way!

You can use the Lennylamb Ring Sling from birth up to 15kg - so
You can use the ring sling throughout the entire wearing time.


  • 100% cotton 290g/m²
  • Jacquard weave


  • 1.80m on the short side


  • at 30°

It is best to wash in a laundry net.