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Rent instead of buying - now also applies to baby carriers!

The baby carrier for rent is suitable for all those who...

... looking for a baby carrier, but don't yet know which one is right for you
...need a carrier for vacation because the stroller can't come with you
... don't want to buy a carrier because you already have another one, but it doesn't fit yet
... a stretcher for hiking holidays because the existing one causes pain on long, strenuous journeys

Note: the price includes the rental costs and the deposit of ā‚¬ 80.

No advice is included in the price!

If you need this, please get in touchĀ Contact form .
You will also receive a rental agreement, which you can request
accept during the purchase process.

If you have any minor questions during the test phase, I will of course help you (free of charge)!

After the baby carrier is returned, the deposit will be refunded as long as it is returned properly and properly.
If all the accessories supplied are no longer present when the item is returned, I will invoice them for ā‚¬5 each.
The customer bears the costs for the return. The stretcher can also be picked up or returned in person.
Note: if you rent the baby carrier for 6 months, you have the option to keep it! If you would like the baby carrier to become your property, please contact us using the contact form !
Breakdown of the total price

Rental period:

  • Rental costs per week: ā‚¬8.90
  • Rental costs per month: ā‚¬ 19.90


  • ā‚¬ 80,-